Rapid Repeatable Results

Turbulent airflow convection style shrink tube and curing conveyor oven. Fully programmable from 100 degrees to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and from 1 inch to 100 inches per minute belt speed. Safe, efficient and portable. Be LEAN and move in and out of the workcell with our optional cart. Eliminate manufacturing variability, scrap and excess labor. Keep you operators free from heatgun burns and improve the workplace environment by eliminating loud heatgun noise.

Technical Specifications:

• Accurate Digital Speed Control

• Electronic Temperature Control

• Turbulent Air Flow system for fast processing

• 99 Programs available for storing speeds and temperature

• High Temperature Limit Safety Shut Down

• Conveyor Stop Safety Shut Down (if conveyors stop moving when they are programmed to run: the heat will shut off)

• Digital Date and Time Check

• Automatic Settable Start Up and Shut Down Times with choice of days of the week

• Operating Oven Temperature Range: 100º F to 350º F

• Conveyor Speed: 1 to 100 inches per minute

• Oven Opening Height: 6”, Width: 12”